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Meet the Visionaries: Announcing the Finalists of Our Logo Design Competition

We are thrilled to announce the finalists of our logo design competition, a showcase of creativity and innovation from talented designers worldwide. Leading the pack, our first-place winner, (insert name) has set a new standard with a design that perfectly embodies our brand’s essence, blending originality with a keen sense of aesthetic appeal. Following closely, the runner-up, (insert name),has presented a compelling and unique vision, offering a fresh perspective while maintaining alignment with our brand identity. Alongside these top contenders, we celebrate eight remarkable finalists, each bringing their own distinctive flair and creativity to the forefront.

InSpace Art Gallery 2024 Australian Logo Design Award and Competition

InSpace Gallery TM, situated within the heritage-listed ‘Eclipse House’ in Alexandria, is a boutique art workshop and exhibition centre that offers a 500 sqm space for art lovers to explore and enjoy. The gallery encourages multiculturalism, inspires creativity, and promotes the interchange of artworks, thoughts, and beliefs. We are honoured to host the ‘InSpace GalleryTM 2024 Australian Logo Design Award and Competition’ and invite you to attend, immersing yourself in a sanctuary of art and inspiration.