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First of all, great thanks to all participants who took the time to prepare and submit amazing designs to enter the competition!


Revised format 


We originally designed a very elaborate multi-stage competition process in anticipation of quality submissions from around the globe. However, the level of overall interest in the competition and quality of submissions have meant that the original process is no longer suitable.


We have therefore simplified the format of the competition which is now a single-stage panel review and award process. Our panel has selected 10 finalists, and from which they have further selected one winner and one runner-up.


Revised prizes


Accordingly, we have also made slight changes to the prize pool to adjust for the reduced size of the competition.


The revised prizes are now:

  • Winner ($10,000)
  • Runner-up ($1,000)
  • Other finalists ($300 each)



The finalists and their submissions can be viewed here


The finalists may claim the prize moneys by contacting us at and providing:

  • original work files necessary for adaption and application of the logo by InSpace Art Gallery; and
  • nominated bank account details for receiving the prize money.

Congratulations to all finalists and thanks again to all participants!


The InSpace Art Gallery 2024 Australian Logo Design Award and Competition is now concluded.